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Fast Avatar Capture Software Download

Evan Suma, Ph.D.
Ruizhe Wang
Andrew Feng, Ph.D.
Ari Shapiro, Ph.D.

The Fast Avatar Capture Software allows you to scan and create a 3D model of yourself using a Kinect v1 sensor. The capture process requires you to stand at four 90 degree angles to the sensor for about 15 seconds each time. The 3D model can be constructed in approximately 2 minutes once the scanning is completed.

If you use this software, please cite our paper:


title={Rapid avatar capture and simulation using commodity depth sensors},
author={Shapiro, Ari and Feng, Andrew and Wang, Ruizhe and Li, Hao and Bolas, Mark and Medioni, Gerard and Suma, Evan},
journal={Computer Animation and Virtual Worlds},


Obtaining a License

The Software is made available for academic or non-commercial purposes only. If you are interested in an academic or non-commercial license, please contact Ari Shapiro at

For commercial license pricing and annual commercial update and support pricing, please contact:
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