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We provide SmartBody free to everyone, complete with source code, under the restrictions of the LGPL license. Feel free to download it, review it, and take it apart to see if it meets your needs.

If your projects needs exceed the limitations of LGPL, the University of Southern California may be willing to offer a custom license in exchange for supporting our development efforts. Situations where this may be necessary are if you want to make changes to the code without releasing it back to the public, or you need to statically link SmartBody components into your project.

In order to make this offer, we ask all of our contributors sign a Contributor License Agreement. This agreement allows USC to relicense your contributions to select parties. This is a license, so you maintain copyright, and it is not exclusive, allowing you offer your contributions to other projects. But first and foremost, your contributions will be added to the publicly available repository, helping SmartBody to develop and grow.